Women's Wellness

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Become More Resilient


  We live in a busy society where stress has become part of our daily existence. How do we survive and thrive in this stressful world we live in?

You will learn to recognize the signs and causes of stress, and gain the tools to help you make lasting changes that enhance your wellness, and help you become a more resilient person.

Contact: Carla@CarlaHampshire.com


Boost Your Energy


  Do you lack the physical and mental energy to do everything you want to do in a day? Tired of feeling tired all the time? 

We will explore the many ways you can maximize your energy levels naturally by forming good lifestyle habits that will get you through your day with a pep in your step.   

Contact:  Carla@CarlaHampshire.com


Step Into Courage


Afraid of reaching for your goals? In this insightful presentation, I share my personal experience with fear which held me back from my dream of becoming  a competitive bodybuilder for 10 long years.

Together we will go on a journey of self-discovery, empowering you to realize what is truly possible when you break free from fear,  step into your courage, and live a fuller, more purpose-filled life.

Contact:  Carla@CarlaHampshire.com



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